EGCG Plus Active Multi-Vitamin for Natural Energy

EGCG Plus Active Multi-Vitamin for Natural Energy

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Bioidentical Multi-Vitamin & Natural Cellular Energizer

60 Tablets

EGCG Plus is one of our best-selling natural products for enhancing natural cellular energy, since 1995.  EGCG Plus is the bioidentical multi-vitamin & natural cellular energizer physicians rely on to help their patients rejuvenate their own energy with BIOIDENTICAL ACTIVE VITAMIN FORMS, energizing botanicals, digestive enzymes & probiotics.

EGCG Plus is an Active multi-vitamin, plus natural cellular energizers designed to optimize human performance, supporting the body's own natural energy production to help patients overcome mental or physical fatigue, containing premium quality EGCG Green Tea concentrated extracts standardized to be very low in caffeine but very high in catechins, catechin-gallates, polyphenols and other beneficial antioxidant components scientifically recognized for their health promoting, energizing benefits.

EGCG Plus is Certified Ephedra Free and does not contain synephrine, guarana or other stimulants. 

EGCG Plus is a unique composition of Bioidentical Active Vitamins, Trace Elements, Antioxidants, PLUS Digestive Support.

EGCG Plus is great for:

  • preventing the mid-day slump following lunch
  • keeping alert on long drives
  • staying focused during meetings
  • during long lectures
  • studying
  • competing in sporting events
  • enjoying evening events
  • traveling
  • any situation in which fatigue compromises performance

EGCG Plus Supplement Facts


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