Celestia - Natural Feminine Hormonal Equilibrium

Celestia - Natural Feminine Hormonal Equilibrium

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Celestia Helps Women Retain their Youthful Vitality

60 Vegetarian Capsules

As we age, our bodies' ability to generate and utilize energy can decline, affecting youthful vitality. Celestia supports general vitality, optimizes feminine hormonal balance, physical vigor, sexual health and provides support for breast, bone & cardiovascular health. Women report feeling emotional and physical equilibrium, quickly.

Physicians report better patient compliance because at only 2 capsules per day, Celestia is easy to take and conveniently replaces 10+ products women typically choose to support continued youthfulness, well-being and natural hormonal balance.


  • Genomic Support & Lipid Management: The soy extract in Celestia is enhanced with a unique soy peptide -- Lunasin -- that helps to stabilize the nucelosome and protects cells from epigenetic influences. As an added benefit, Lunasin supports healthy cholesterol regulation.
  • Enhanced Thermoregulation: Pueraria is now standardized to miroestrol, which has documented benefits for maintenance of healthy thermoregulation.
  • Enhanced Thermoregulation: Hops flavonoids are enhanced to a higher percentage of 8-prenylnaringenin, which has well documented benefits for healthy thermoregulation.

Celestia Supplement Facts

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